Saturday, 19 February 2011

Concern Fear

Not that i am the best friend to the world, but tried. Tired of doing everything for someone and not having at least consideration in return. Tired of hearing advice, assist, and then be stabbed in the back. I read the same words, did the same things, I reacted in the same ways, I felt the same feelings.  What seemed to be the beginning - or rather start - ended up being the end. I fell into a web of lies, jealousy and lack of love. Call it naivety, stupidity or even yourself.  I never, ever treated someone like that with such disregard. I do not know if that anger and sorrow will pass because i can't judge. And it hurts more than anything else, because i always thought that disappointment is the worst pain and disappointment in friendship that can hurt more that heartbreak. As if I could wait a lot, and barely made half a year and i might consider this friendship coexistence. Once again i am falling. And it would be stupid to let this disappointment take care of everything and stop time. The fact that I learned at great cost, is that the clock is ticking, and perhaps there are even better things to that is not to go back to that place as that may not be the right place. And I'm sure that this time, life will not follow the same path.

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